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When You Play With Fire, You're Gonna Get Burned.

Anthony Kiedis and current girlfriend Heather have got a lovely bunch of coconuts...

My love for all things Kiedis will never wane. I just unsurfaced a most dazzling Chili Peppers clip that brings AK's gripping autobiography, Scar Tissue, to life in a big way. You see, in early chapters Anthony vividly describes his punk-rock girlfriend Jennifer Bruce, a Los Angeles club rat who, in his words, "could out-Gwen Stefani Gwen Stefani."

Well, watch what happens in this next clip: During a 1980s performance of Jimi Hendrix's "Foxy Lady," twenty-something Anthony is straddled by a female fan wearing a trenchcoat (and not much else). He, being Anthony Kiedis, kindly accepts the foxy lady's feminine charms. This causes an enraged Jennifer to storm onstage and BEAT BOTH THEIR ASSES.


Damn straight, Jenny ain't no hollaback girl! And my, my, I've never seen Anthony look so sheepish. I love the look on Flea's face at the end. Lulz all around.

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