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The Face of Evil.

Anyone else feel they've been conditioned to not like Anjelica Huston? Or at least fear her in some way?

First of all, the name "Anjelica" conjures up weird thoughts for me. I am reminded of the Rugrats cartoon, in which the character Anjelica is a manipulative, Bad Seed-ish little girl who acts like an angel around the grown-ups but treats her fellow baby friends like shit. In my mind, "Anjelica" gets tossed with the "V" names, because I've always associated a "V" name with evil. Veruca, Victoria, Veronica, Vivian, Vincenza... so evil. I admit that when I meet a person with a "V" name, I'm a little wary, but I can immediately tell whether she's a threat to me or a sweetheart (i.e., an exception to the rule). Mostly, anyone with a "V" name is a threat to me. 

Anjelica Huston reminds me of my childhood. She was in a movie called The Perez Family which filmed next door to me when I lived in the Coral Gables neighborhood of Miami, Florida. I remember my mother taking me to the film set and I was so excited to finally meet Morticia from The Addams Family. Morticia was my favorite character next to Uncle Fester and I think Anjelica did her justice. Well, we got there immediately after the director called for a break and Anjelica went to shoot the breeze with star-struck neighbors. She chatted with everyone, including Tony the Alcoholic who lived across the street (I remember his alcoholism was so bad the cops took his car away and he never cared enough to get it back). When she came closer to me, I eagerly held out my autograph book, which at this point only had signatures by Mickey Mouse and James Woods. "Sorry, I don't have enough time and this isn't Disney World," she said, and ran back into her trailer. I was crushed. CRUSHED. I guess that's why they tell you to never meet your heroes.

From then on, I really started hating Anjelica Huston. Morticia was quickly demoted and Wednesday Addams became my favorite character. Forget her iconic roles in Gardens of Stone  and The Dead, Anjelica Huston is and will always be the Grand High Witch to me (remember her as the demonic Eva Ernst in The Witches?). She's mean, she's snobby, she's cantankerous, and her profile is scary. I'm all for people with aristocratic noses but she's not one of them.

I guess you can say I suffer from childhood trauma.

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